Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reveal Men by Calvin Klein

I recieved another VoxBox from influenster. Inside there was Reveal Men by Calvin Klein cologne, and a Calvin Klein black leather wallet. The wallet was really nice leather and my husband likes it. It is very firm and keeps your cards in place without fear of them slipping out. Reveal Men by Calvin Klein is one of the best smelling colognes I have smelled in a while. It is like a soft but masculine scent. It smells absolutely amazing. Now my husband is very picky when it comes to cologne. He loved it just as I thought he would. I never knew Calvin Klein made such high quality good smelling cologne. I knew about the perfume, but just never gave the cologne a second thought. I am really glad I got to try this product for free from influenster in my voxbox. Alls you need is a few dabs of Reveal and boom you have a long lasting terrific smelling cologne on your man. You may follow your husband around just to get a whiff of it. So ladies if you are looking for that special something to get your husband, this is it. "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Playtex Bottles and Nipples

Don't you just love Playtex products? I know I do. I have been using Playtexbottles since my 9 year old daughter was a baby. I still use them now for my 10 month old daughter. They are the best bottles onthe market if you ask me. Whether you are using the Playtex nurser with the drop in liners or the Vent Aire. They both work great. I recently received a Playtex Vent Aire bottle and also Playtex nipple variety pack from crowdtap to try. I was so happy because I already love Playtex. What makes these bottles so unique are because they are especially made to reduce colic and gas. I love how they are angled also because it makes it easier for you or baby to hold. In the nipple variety pack I got to choose which nipple was right for my daughter. There are four silicone nipples to choose from, which I thought was awesome. There is a breastlike shape nipple to mimic the breast, full sized nipple for babies with wider mouths, naturalatch most like moms breast, and an angled nipple for upright feeding. While my daughter picked the naturalatch nipple, she also uses the angled nipple when she is in her stroller and feeds herself. The angled nipple is such a clever and unique idea. I love it and so does my daughter. The Vent Aire bottle work so good. My daughter is not gassy and irritable because the ventin the bottle keeps the air in the back of the bottle so it does not mix with the milk. I would definitely choose these bottles over many others. Looks like I will be making a Walmart run to get somemore of these babies. Moms if you have a gassy, fussy, irritable, or colic baby iI would highly recommend Playtex Vent Aire bottles with the nipple variety pack to choose the right nipple for your little one.