Easy DIY Projects

                                                              No Sew Tutu
What you need:
Tulle 25ft.(2-3 rolls)
Cardboard(cereal box, shipping box or any you have)
Tape measure

1. OK so first you need to measure your little ones waist. Take 2 inches off because the elastic will stretch once the tulle is put on. My daughters waist is 14", so I cut my elastic to 12".
2.Gather your tulle. I use at least 2 colors but you can use any amount of colors you want. You need to measure the length you want it to be by wrapping it around the cardboard box or measure your little one from waist to knee or whatever length you want it. Starting with one color at a time wrap it around the cardboard. Then you do the next color. After all the tulle is wrapped take your scissors and cut just one side of the tulle. You want it to be double the length you want it because the tulle gets folded in half.

3. Then you want to take your elastic which you should have already cut to the size needed. Now if you don't feel like sewing or you don't know how to like me.LOL, you can just tie the ends together. If you feel like it or know how to you can just sew the ends together.

4. In case you haven't already, take your tulle off the cardboard and separate the different colors. Then you take your elastic and put it around the cardboard so that you can work off of that. It is a whole lot easier that way.

5.Now you take one of each color of tulle you have and put it together. Then you fold it in half the long way. Then you make a loop and put it under the elastic up about an inch. Next you take the end of the tulle and pull it up through the loop. And that is what you call a slipknot folks. Keeping on adding the tulle to the eelastic until it is nice and full to your likings.

6. After your tutu is finished remove it from the cardboard and let your princess have fun prancing around. All together the tutu should not take any longer than 45 minutes. Once you get the hang of it like it did because it's pretty easy you should be finished in 30 minutes at the most. Have fun. Make sure you post pictures of your finished tutus. I would love to see your masterpieces.

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