Thursday, May 30, 2013

more products and programs

So I am back again about free stuff and product testing.

You have Basically you apply to host parties, and if you are picked they send you everything you need to host a party. It is pretty cool. I applied to host a relay foods party, dole party, and an apple ale party. So far I have not been chosen for a party yet. My mom is also a member and she got picked to do a soda stream party. They sent her a soda stream machine, plenty of party favors like bubbles, magnets, Frisbees, and coupons, and plenty of soda stream flavors. It was so cool. I had lots of fun. She also just recently hosted a segreams girls night in party. That was fun too. They sent her vouchers for segreams coolers and mail in rebate coupons, and really nice title bags. Plenty of party favors. I had so much fun.