Sunday, June 2, 2013

earn money online

So I just wanted to test this site out before I gave everyone an heads up on it. I have been checking out a site called www.send I have been on for about 2 weeks and I have 15.00 already. Which is not bad considering alls I'm doing is opening emzil s from them and signing up for more sites to earn money. Once you reach 30.00 you can cash out. So far I like it, but you won't get rich though. Now if you have a credit/debit card you can do free trials or pay for stuff and only pay shipping. I tried that also on a site called www.minds, and earned 50.00 in 1 day which is there cash out minimum. So I hope you guys give it a try. I just love these sites.

Also there is a site called if you are into the social networking thing. I connected my Facebook, instagram, four square, and Google+ account. The more active you are on your accounts you get klout points which you get perks for. I guess you gotta have a lot klout  because I have 53 and the only perk I got was som buisness cards.