Monday, May 5, 2014

Green Moms Meet

I am a mom ambassador on a website at . It is a great experience for me and my group of moms and kids. Mom ambassadors get special invitations to try different products with your group. The products range from food to cleaning supplies, medicines, and lots of stuff for kids and parents of young kids. So dfar I have tried Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies. They sent me a big bag of sample hand soap, a big bag of sample countertop spray, a full sized bottle of dishwashing liquid, and a full bottle of countertop spray. They are very generous with the samples by the way. Mrs.Meyers cleaning supplies are the best i have ever used. They are environment friendly, and safe enough to use around kids. They also smell great. They come in scent such as basil, and lemon and plenty more. They all smell great and work wonders when cleaning any room. I have also received  one full size bottle of So Delicious coffee creamer, which is dairy free, 2 coupons for any So Delicious product that are worth $11.00 each, and a four pack of so delicious coconut milk latte. The coffee creamer actually tastes great to be dairy free. I would definitely buy, and recommend. Now the coconut milk Latte's were OK but they could be a tad bit sweeter. They are pretty good though I would not buy I would recommend for those who like Latte's. Overall So Delicious has some really good products that are worth it. I have also been chosen to try beechnuts 100% natural baby food, and natural raised farms fresh chicken. I definitely can't wait to getthese papackages in the mail to try and keep you updated. If you would like to sign up to  try free natural products to just go to