Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mrs. Meyers

Hello everyone, a couple months back I got accepted to share Mrs. Meyers cleaning products with my group of moms through green moms meet. I was so excited to have a cleaning product that was not toxic and okay to use around my little kiddos. When I used it I was like "wow, this is great." It smelled good, and most of all it cleaned really good too. They have a whole variety of scents to choose from. Like Basil, and lemon verbena. They both smelled awesome. My favorite was the basil though. Mrs. Meyers has a multi-surface everyday cleaner, dish washing liquid, and hand wash also. Although I must say it is a bit pricey, but worth every penny. I have been buying Mrs. Meyers multi-surface cleaner since I was introduced to it by green moms meet. I was recently shopping for cleaning supplies, and me I like to try new things. So I will go out and buy different scents, and different brands all the time. I am so loyal to Mrs. Meyers though now, so that is what I was searching for. I came across cranberry scent multi-surface cleaner this time. When I got home I went to work cleaning from top to bottom with Mrs. Meyers cranberry scented cleaner. It smells so good, and works wonderful. I love Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. If you happen to be out pick yourself up a bottle of Mrs. Meyers multi-surface cleaner. The cranberry scented one that I got from target is a limited edition seasonal scent, so grab it while you can, and enjoy the wonderful work and cleanliness of Mrs. Meyers Cleaning products. When your done why don't you reward yourself by washing off all those cleaners with Mrs. Meyers liquid hand soap.