Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Somebody PinchMe

So today I got my mail, and my pinchme box came. It is great. I got a blueberry scented marker, which smells great by the way. I also got a fruit enzyme sleep spa 100% natural bamboo face mask, and I cant wait to use it. I got a small bag of gevalia house blend coffee. I tend to always get these so I have like 5 of them. Always good to have coffee so you don't run out. There was  a studio ink hallmark card that is so adorable. I think I may just give it to some cute little boy for his birthday. Don't know who though because we have quite a few in our family now. Next...wait for it...yup another sinful colors nail polish to add to the collection. This time it is an aquamarine, a very pretty blue. This is my third one from pinchme. first there was a very soft pink, then a very soft blue color and now this. I'm loving it. I was gonna buy my daughter some of those fat #2 pencils because she is in kindergarten, and think she can work better with them to get a better grip. Now I don't think I will get those because I got this paper mate lead pencil that is chunky and neon yellow. It is so adorable. So if I do get the pencils it will definitely be these paper mates. So that was my box, and the theme was back-to-school. I totally dig this box. I so can't wait for next Tuesday to see what else they have in store for me.